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“Deep and full of colorful details, twists & surprises. Great writing! The intrigue of New Orleans & deep psychological drama make Inside Sam Lerner  a must-read. Great Story!” Melinda Hills – Readers Favorite 5 STARS!
“Gwen Banta writes beautifully…The plot is complex enough to keep readers intrigued… Inside Sam Lerner features very compelling characters, and readers will enjoy the protagonist, a character that enables readers to understand the anatomy of grief. It’s an entertaining and engrossing crime fiction novel.” Divine Zape – Readers Favorite 5 STARS!
The story draws on the noir tradition, with its antihero detective … Sam succeeds as an antihero… He has his faults, but readers will root for him to find peace with the world.  Kirkus Reviews


Sam Lerner is a former Los Angeles homicide detective who is running from his life after the death of his wife. He returns to his native New Orleans and stays at the Gentlemen’s Club, an escort establishment owned by the intriguing Maire Girod, a longtime friend. There he befriends Madsen Cassaise, a young Creole who cares for him as he struggles to overcome his grief and a growing dependence upon alcohol.

     Several days later his college friend, New Orleans police Captain Leon Duval, confides in Sam about a drowning victim. Sam is astounded to hear that the victim was Madsen, last seen the night she was with Sam.

     Soon more escorts disappear. When Sam stumbles upon information regarding false death certificates, he is drawn into the investigation. Moving through the bayous, cemeteries, levees, and colorful bistros of the Vieux Carre, he uncovers a far-reaching–and shocking–crime operation. He must question old relationships and risk his own life to stop the killers. In the Big Easy, a place as mysterious as the case itself, this former detective discovers what is truly Inside Sam Lerner.

Author: Gwen Banta

Author of The Fly Strip. In bookstores September 16, 2016!

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