The Fly Strip tells the story of Weed Clapper, a witty, passionate young man from Pennsylvania who loses his family in an accident and is forced to live with his eccentric grandmother in Indiana. Even in this rural setting, he cannot escape the social unrest and sexual revolution of the 1960s. When his black friend is terrorized by racists, Weed discovers the dark past of this small country town and learns of long-hidden family secrets. Overwhelmed by his devastating loss, he turns to a beautiful young woman for support…and tumbles into a forbidden love affair. Laugh-out-loud funny, and yet achingly poignant, the story of Weed’s struggle to defy convention and to defend justice will cause you to stand up and cheer for this charming, brave – and unlikely –​ ​young hero.

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“Gwen Banta is J.D. Salinger reincarnated. Her language is so rich, so palatable and enveloping that readers feel bathed in it and rejuvenated by it. What a read! What a pleasure!”
Dmitry M. Arbuck, M.D.,  Author – Mastermind